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Longines EEF Series Newsroom

Stories from the Series: Willem Greve
May 7, 2024

Interview by Emily Bevan

“Winning is always nice but winning for your country is the nicest feeling in my opinion,” said Willem Greve who was part of the Netherlands team who triumphed at the Longines EEF Series in Mannheim last weekend.

The Dutch quartet finished the two-round competition on a score of two, two penalties ahead of hosts Germany. France were third.

“We enjoyed a really nice reception after our win with some asparagus from the local area and some kind words from the show organiser, then we had a drink in the hotel to celebrate,” added Willem

Willem, who piloted Minute Man to a double clear, was joined in the team by Kevin Jochems on Flying Jackie, who also produced two fault free rounds, Lars Kersten riding Chuck Marienshof Z, who jumped clear in the first round and collected four penalties in the second, and Michael Greeve with Foxpit Grim, who finished with just two time penalties in the second round, the only round they contested.

“I know all my teammates very well. Michael is my age and we were on Pony European teams together so our history goes back a long way, Kevin has been on the Dutch squad for many years and is a very trustworthy companion while Lars is one of the biggest talents on the circuit,” continued Willem.

The Dutch team took some young horses like the nine-year-olds Chuck Marienshof Z and Foxpit Grim and the 10-year-old Minute Man to contest the Longines EEF Nations Cup competition in Mannheim.

“This series is great for developing less experienced horses. You have to negotiate obstacles like the open water and a wall but the height is not so extreme so it’s a nice way for horses and riders to gain experience and confidence,” said Willem.

“You get a mixture of high level riders with younger horses and less experienced riders in this competition. Many riders have started at this level and then progressed to five star. This Nations Cup is something different to every other competition and is a fantastic step up for horses and riders, it’s a great initiative. In this competition it’s all about jumping clear rounds, that’s what makes the difference.”

Willem’s ride Minute Man is a 10-year-old Belgian Warmblood stallion who is owned by four ladies from USA and has been ridden by Willem for two years.

“Minute Man is a very talented horse. He’s very careful and scopey and he has a good mindset. He wants to do well and we know each other so well now, I know I’ve got him on my side,” said Willem.

“He went to Mannheim last year in a different class so he knew the ring and stepped up very well this year, jumping two great clear rounds. He took all the atmosphere and pressure in his stride, he’s very gifted.”